Be Like Tiwa, But Be Smart Like Don

Tiwa is a type that likes to see her money around her. She keeps her money at home; under her bed, inside her pillow, locked up in a “Kolo” (piggy bank), and just anywhere close to her where she considers a “safe” hold.

She keeps doing this until one day, her friend, Don, finds out what she does with her money. And when Don asked her why she indulges in such risky and unprofitable practice, Tiwa quickly retorted: “Don, I like seeing my money always. The NGN100,000 I have kept under my pillow since last year remains intact”. Don commended Tiwa for his savings habit but also told her he is very concerned that Tiwa is actually losing money every day she holds her money. Then, he engaged Tiwa on the following line of conversation:

Don: Do you know that if you have invested that NGN100,000 in a good investment plan, you will have more today than you had 3 months ago?

Tiwa: I beg! What’s the difference? Afterall I have my money around me any time any day.

Don: The difference is that your NGN100,000 would have earned some interest which you can spend on some of your needs and enjoy yourself. In essence, you stop working and allow the money to work for you.

Tiwa: So, should I lose the power to do whatever I like with my money because of the little interest?

Don: Don’t remain in the traditional age. I can even tell you that putting your money to work in an investment plan gives you more flexibility and power to do much more with the money. Aside earning interest, you can also use your investment as collateral for a loan or even evidence of financial capacity when travelling for a vacation.

Tiwa: Whao, honestly I never realized all these until now! So, you mean I could have multiplied this money? Please, tell me how I can start immediately

Don recommended FundQuest to Tiwa. She opened an investment account with monthly contributions and after 10 months, she took the interest earned on the investment and bought a Mobile Phone while the principal was rolled over to continue to earn more money for her.

You too can be like Tiwa today. Reach out to us and we will guide you. In just few months from now, your investment can pay for your house rent, school fees, vacation, car, and other of your needs.

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