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In life, getting ahead often requires a little support. Several personal needs or business opportunities do come up when we have little or no cash available. FundQuest steps in at such moments to support you or your business till you are able to pay back. Just explore our Product Catalogue; then, do let us know when to come in and we will settle the rest.

Payday Loan

Sometimes, managing personal expenses and financial emergencies can prove quite challenging. When the payday interval seems so long or the pay cheque cannot cover the bills, our Payday Loan can provide the needed support to catching up on those constantly growing needs. So long you have a monthly regular income and verifiable record of employment, access to our Payday Loan is swift and pricing is affordable.

  • Suitable for Salary Earners and Individuals in paid employment;
  • Loan amount from N50,000 to N4.0million for a maximum tenor of 12 months;
  • Monthly equal repayment of principal and interest on constant balance;
  • No upfront fee applies and loan repayment is tied strictly to your regular monthly salary;
  • Loan can be liquidated before maturity and without penalty.

Personal Loan

There are instances when as a Salary Earner, you desire to access a loan and repay from both your monthly salary and alternative source of income (may be a side business). Essentially, you may be a part-time businessman or woman, a self-employed architect, a doctor running a private clinic, or a retired professional managing a part-time venture. Our Personal Loan product can be structured to suit your income variability and provide the financial cushion to conveniently manage your bills whether in the form of children school fees, medical bills, family vacation, home improvement, and the rest.

  • Suitable for Individuals in Paid or Self Employment, including Retired Professionals;
  • Loan amount from N50,000 to N10.0million for a maximum tenor of 15 months;
  • Repayment is structured in equal monthly instalments over the term of the loan;
  • No upfront fee or any hidden charge is applicable;
  • Loan can be liquidated before maturity and without penalty.

As parents, we are fulfilled to see our children attend the school of our choice. But sometimes, funds can be a stumbling block. We are a financial intermediation company with the aim to help parents achieve their dreams towards their children’s education.

Therefore, FundQuest provides funds to parents who have children in schools but do not have enough funds to pay outrightly. Back to School loan is a part of our loan products specifically for salary earners and business owners resident in Lagos for the payment of school fees for their children and wards.

  • Loan amount from N50,000 – N3,000,000
  • Repayment tenor between 1month – 6months
  • Flexible Interest rates
  • Disbursement directly to school account


Finance should not be the limit to your dreams and that of your children.

Consumer Loan

Individuals and Businessmen who are not in regular paid employment are often confronted with circumstances which require quick access to a loan with minimal documentations but equally adaptable to their payment abilities. Our Consumer Loan product is designed with such categories of customers in mind. The product comes with minimal eligibility requirements and most notably, declining periodic repayment instalments.

  • Suitable for Individuals, Micro and other Small-Scale Businesses;
  • Loan amount from N100,000 and up to a maximum of N10.0million;
  • Repayment structure or instalment is on a Reducing Balance basis;
  • Loan tenor can be up to 12 months with repayments made weekly or monthly;
  • No upfront fee or any hidden charge is applicable.

Business Loan

One of the most significant catalyst for the quick growth of a business is having access to credit for the financing of working capital and other operational requirements. But while accessibility to funding is important, the flexibility in the repayment of such credit is equally a major factor. The Business Loan product satisfies these twin factors, given its quick accessibility and adaptability to your cash flow expectations. You have the liberty to either settle the loan interest upfront and then repay just the principal at maturity; or you may opt to service the loan interest weekly, monthly or at other preferred intervals while principal repayment is deferred till the maturity of the loan.

  • Suitable for SMEs to fund inventories, working capital and business running costs;
  • Loan amount from N50,000 to a maximum of N10.0million;
  • Loan tenor ranges from 1 month to a maximum of 10 months;
  • Interest can be paid upfront, weekly or monthly while principal is paid at maturity;
  • No upfront fee is required and loan can be liquidated before maturity.

Retail Term Loan

In spite of our in-depth financial planning and budgeting effectiveness, we often come across those financially-challenging moments when we require funding bridge for just a few days or much longer. It could be those moments you found yourself stuck in a Supermarket, Restaurant, Airport, Hotel or even when on a Lunch Date. Our Retail Term Loan comes handy as a quick financial bail-out to salvage such nervous moments. The product is quite versatile and can serve all depths of retail customer pockets, while being served either as Individual Micro-Credit or as Retail Business Financing.

  • Suitable for Individuals and Businesses to fund Private Lifestyle, Purchase Orders, and Contracts;
  • Loan amount ranges from N100,000 to N10.0million;
  • Loan tenor can be as short as 7 days and for as long as 6 months;
  • No periodic payments; both principal and interest are repaid at the maturity date;
  • No upfront fee is required and loan can be liquidated before maturity.

Commercial Loan

When your business requires a more significant investment to scale, then you need much more financing than accessible under the SME Loans. This is when our Commercial Loan could become a great option. The product is targeted at medium-sized businesses to finance expansion or diversification, acquisition of fixed capital, contract financing, and funding of inventories and pending receivables. The loan facility is usually structured in accordance with the peculiarity and dynamics of the transaction being financed. Moratorium can be granted, when necessary, and repayment could be scheduled as a one-time settlement at maturity, or as periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) instalments, or as Interest Only and Principal Pay-off at maturity, or even as Interest Advance and Principal Liquidation at Maturity.

  • Suitable for Businesses to fund Purchase Orders, Contracts, Equipment and Invoices;
  • Loan amount above N10.0million and up to a maximum of N50.0million;
  • Loan tenor ranges between 1 month and 12 months, depending on the structure and purpose;
  • Upfront Fees and Charges are applicable and subject to regulatory limits;
  • Collateral Security and Personal Guarantees are usually required as precedent conditions;
  • Moratorium may be granted on Interest Only or both Interest and Principal for a defined period;
  • Loan can be prepaid or liquidated before maturity without penalty.

Institutional Loan

In those instances when your funding requirement exceeds the thresholds specified for our Commercial Loan, your loan request becomes assessable under our more accommodative Institutional Loan. The product is targeted specifically at larger corporates and institutions undertaking short-term projects with gestation period of about a year.

  • Suitable for Corporate Institutions to fund Equipment, Purchase Orders, Contracts and Invoices;
  • Loan amount must be above N50.0million and capped at our Single Obligor Exposure;
  • Loan tenor ranges between 1 month and 12 months, depending on structure and purpose;
  • Upfront Fees and Charges are applicable and subject to regulatory restrictions;
  • Adequacy and convertibility of Collateral Cover combined with strong Personal and/or Corporate Guarantees are keys to successful application;
  • Moratorium may be granted on Interest Only or both Interest and Principal for a defined period;
  • Loans can be prepaid or liquidated before maturity without penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals with BVN and valid means of identification, and Corporate Organizations with valid registration documents.

Your BVN is required to authenticate your identity and protect you from identity theft and fraud. Your BVN information is stored securely and it does not give us access to your bank account or transactions.

 Individuals and Businesses can apply for loans between N10,000 and N50.0million, depending on the product, loan purpose and financial capacity of the applicant. For loans in excess of N50.0million, applicants must be a Corporate Institution.

You can apply by downloading our Mobile App or by clicking Here to apply on our Internet Banking platform. Some products can also be applied for by dialling our USSD Code *5078#. You can also send an email to

We will require your valid means of identification, financial records and bank statement. For applicants in paid employment, your employment records will be required while the applicants in business will be required to provide the business registration documents and means of identification of the promoters. For certain loan products and amount thresholds, Collateral Security and Post-Dated Cheques will also be required. More details are available on our Mobile and Web Platforms or by sending an email to

Yes, the credit history of the applicant will be verified from the licensed Credit Bureaus to ascertain your credit worthiness, including your history of dud cheques and past credit behaviour.

Yes, you can apply for a Personal Loan for your unregistered (side) business but the source of repayment shall be from your employment income.

Yes, we do. We will obtain the records of your past credit behaviour from the Credit Bureaus.

All our loans are priced at very competitive Interest Rate. The Interest Rate on any loan you apply for will be fixed over the period of the loan but the actual rate is dependent on factors such as loan product, loan amount, tenor, and credit performance history.

You will primarily be required to pay back your loans via any of our Mobile, Web or USSD Platforms. But you may also be able to pay via a cheque, bank transfer, or an auto-debit mandate placed your account.

Yes, you can repay your loan either fully or partly before maturity without penal charge. We always encourage you to do so in order to builds and strengthen your credit credibility.

We have no hidden charge for our loans. FundQuest shall disclose all associated charges on your loan request at the point of application.

No, you can apply for any of our loans via our Mobile, Web or USSD channels. You may also send an email to or call 0700FUNDQUEST or +234 816 712 9770

Yes, you can apply for a loan top-up if your cash flow can support the repayment without default.

Unable to find a suitable product? You may wish to consider our Quest Suite of Savings/Investment bundles here or simply contact our Help Centre