Quest Suite

We will make every Naira count for you!

In conventional banking, Saving is mostly considered to mean storing or safekeeping your money. That’s why your bank won’t pay interest on your Savings and may even charge you for keeping the money! You were told that you must opt for an Investment to earn a return. The case is different at FundQuest. It doesn’t matter whether your money is called Savings or Investment; all that matter to us is that every Naira in your account must earn extra income for you. That Simple, no Story! Check out how we make it happen.


The QuestPay Account provides the gateway to the varieties of financial possibilities and bundles of values on the
FundQuest Digital Platform. QuestPay Account is NUBAN-based and you have absolutely unrestricted access to your funds
anytime and anywhere. Yet, any balance left in the account earns interest on a daily basis and this extra income is credited
into your account at the end of every month.

  • Accessible across all our digital channels – Mobile App, Internet Banking, and USSD
  • Account can be funded by any of Bank Transfer or Debit Card
  • Interest on your daily balance is paid monthly, regardless of the number of withdrawals
  • Funds in the account can be spent to Buy Airtime/Data, Pay Bills or transferred to others
  • No Account Maintenance Fee or such other funny charges


The road to financial independence can be overwhelming, especially for micro or retail investors. But with QuestMoney,
we make the travel easier by helping you start where you are now. QuestMoney is designed to help you build up funds
gradually towards attaining the minimum amount thresholds for our enhanced bouquet of treasury investment products.
The product is very adaptable to your income level and you will be earning a highly competitive return while
simultaneously achieving your objective of becoming a core treasury investor.

  • Suitable for retail and other investors seeking to build funds towards a core treasury investment
  • The amount saved can be upgraded to an eligible higher yield investment anytime without penalty
  • Interest on this product accrues daily and usually capitalized at the end of every month
  • The product carries no minimum or maximum investment amount restriction
  • This intermediate investment account can be held and operated for as long as desired

Quest Call

There are times you have some cash awaiting deployment to a project or other investment vehicles. Rather than holding
such cash idle in your account, you may invest in our QuestCall Account for just overnight or a few days. The QuestCall
Account is a highly liquid, on-demand investment product offering market-dominant interest rate to investors. The product
also creates great arbitraging opportunity for smart investors and money managers.

  • Suitable for investors seeking a very short-term outlet for funds awaiting deployment
  • Such funds are placed in highly liquid fixed income instruments
  • The amount invested and the accumulated interest are available for withdrawal on demand
  • Withdrawal/liquidation of the call investment is not subject to any penalty, fees or charges
  • Interest rate is fixed and superior to the market average

Unable to find a suitable product? You may wish to consider our Quest Suite of Savings/Investment bundles here or simply contact our Help Centre