Our Work Environment

Working in FundQuest

Working in FundQuest affords you the opportunity to express your talents and be intrapreneurial. We give you a mandate and release to you the requisite authority to take charge and be the CEO of your assigned business, regardless of your career grade level within the Company.

At FundQuest, everyone has equal opportunity to aspire, speak and be heard. We do not cherish passengers or self-inflicted file carriers; we like everyone getting actively involved either by driving or co-driving. We like people taking positions, asking questions, learning, relearning and unlearning. We encourage continuous personal, academic and professional development.

We promote cultural, gender and generational diversity in our work team. We believe in achieving results and delivering value through co-opetition and co-creation. Anyone who joins our team earns the right to be called a FundQuestStar.

Recruitment & Career Progression​​

Our recruitment process is the most merit-driven and transparent you could find anywhere. No one needs a godfather or “needs to know someone who knows someone” before joining our team. If you meet the job requirements based on your qualifications, skillsets and work experience, you will get hired regardless of your gender, tribe, religion, national origin, or other affiliations.

Our career structure is open, unambiguous and well defined. Performance appraisals are conducted mandatorily on a quarterly basis and the outcome of the process forms the basis of performance compensation, promotion and other benefits.

Employment Benefits

We believe in fair remuneration and equitable reward system for our team members. Our remuneration is competitive compared to our sub-sector average. Salaries and allowances are attached to each grade level in our career structure and payments are made promptly on specified days in each month.

As a full-time professional grade level staff, you will usually be entitled to benefits such as paid leave days, group life insurance, contributory pension, medical benefits, staff loan, free weekends, observed public holidays, maternity leave, etc. You also have the opportunity to participate in the FundQuest Employee Share Trust Scheme (FESTS), an incentive plan in which you are awarded a free ownership stake in the Company upon fulfilling the specified criteria under the Scheme.

Career Opportunities

Whilst we set out to build cross-functional teams of multi-dimensional and versatile individuals, we equally recognize the need to play to the individual competencies of our team members. Therefore, you could build a professional career in any of the following roles across the Company, depending on your core skills, competencies and interest.

Credit Origination & Management

Treasury & Financial Institutions

Brand Communications & Customer Experience

Research & Business Advisory

Operations & Management Services​

Internal Audit & Control​

Risk Management & Compliance​