Is leasing to own a viable option? Here is why I think it wins.

Early last year, I lost my phone on my way to work. I was exposed to the reality of being disconnected from family and friends (I live alone). I was stranded, and I desperately needed a new one.

The problem was that I didn’t have enough money to replace my phone at that particular time, and I couldn’t burn a hole the size of N100,000 in my pocket at a go.

Guess what I did… I used the only available option at the time. I used the Buy Now Pay Later service. In the long run, I had to pay far more than the actual cost of the device. An upfront payment was made as collateral.

The payment was spread over 4 months, and it let me breathe (financially).

So here is “asset lease”. It enables you to use a device or equipment and the benefits of ownership. The financier retains actual ownership of the equipment, which will be transferred to you when payment is completed.

I wish that I knew about this service when I lost my phone. It would have saved me from the stress of changing my budget to accommodate paying for a new phone.

This takes a lot of financial strain off your shoulders and allows you to meet other needs and responsibilities. Repaying for asset lease can be spread over 18 months (depending on your financial capability) to reduce the stress to the barest minimum.

I like this arrangement because it considers the income of would-be users of the product. Asset lease also removes even the rate of inflation. In order words, you only pay the cost of the product at the time you are taking possession, regardless of its cost by the time you are paying the last instalment.

Our “lease to own service” is unique in many ways. It is designed to accommodate upwardly mobile people who are still in their financial growth stage. At this stage of life, individuals have many different needs and responsibilities calling for attention. It is more so in a country like Nigeria. Asset lease gives you a means to reduce stress is always welcome.


Outright purchase sounds great for certain products. For some other products, it makes more sense to lease them over time. Asset lease is not limited to phones or mobile devices. It is open to wide range of products including large industrial equipment to help run your business. In the end, it depends on the product and what use it will be put to. Financial freedom is what is on offer. To access it, please visit us at

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