Is Your Investment Growing?

Have you been investing for a while, yet each time you check your portfolio nothing seems to be happening? Growth seems so far or out of reach and it looks like you will be stuck in your present financial situation.

These could be some of the causes.

You are depleting your investment: There might have been some financial constraint that warranted extra cash and without hesitation, you dipped your hands into your investment account. Such habits will hinder the growth of your investment. This is why we advise that you should create separate Saving and Investment accounts from your income. With this, you can spend from your saving while you allow your investment to grow.

You are not investing enough: Devise a realistic formula that ensures you optimize investment from your income. You need to pay yourself first from your income but do also ensure that you create a balance between what you consume now and what you set aside for future consumption through your investment.

Your investment remains static as your income grows: We advise you set aside a stipulated amount for investment but this amount should not be static as your income increases. The stated investment amount should be a percentage of your income and not a fixed amount. This will ensure that your investment amount is automatically adjusted with changing income levels. Always remember the saying that “you cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results”.

No defined goals: Investment should have actual plans or goals to meet, as nothing motivates better than a target. If you set goals for yourself (short term or long term), you will find yourself enthusiastically doing so much more with ease. Do you have financial goals for the next three to twelve months? How much do you need to set aside to achieve those goals? With such self-enquiries and decisions, your investment will definitely grow

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