It Was That Simple

Few years ago, Samuel took the decision to explore what it means to invest and what it takes to become an investor. He started reading books and blogs, listening to podcasts and watching videos on the subject of investing.

“I wanted to understand how people make their money work for them and gave themselves a second source of income,” Samuel said.

Shortly thereafter, Samuel found that all investors were saying the same thing: “It starts with saving money”. But he was still skeptical.

“I did not think that it really was this simple. I was certain there was a trick or secret no one was willing to share.”

Regardless, he gave it a trial, opened an investment account and started accumulating money into it.

Samuel didn’t find it easy at all: “I was saving a little. It felt pointless, but I continued to do it anyway.”

To his surprise, by the end of the first year, he had close to a million naira in his investment account, including the interest earned. He continued to invest and by the end of the second year, he was closing in on three million naira.

Samuel was in disbelief.

“I realized it was that simple. Now I find every way I can to invest money, no matter how little it is, because I know that it will grow into larger sums,” he says.

Friends, It all starts by taking that bold decision to start. That is the most difficult step, but also the most defining step you would ever take.
Would you like to share a Samuel’s experience 2-3 years from today? Then, don’t wait again, open an investment account now by clicking here and starting with as low as NGN50,000. It may look so little now but in no time and with discipline and consistency, you would be counting in millions.

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