We will provide Innovative Solutions to those Issues!

Aside providing direct financial accommodation to clients, FundQuest delivers tailored solutions and value-adding services that assist clients tackle personal finance and business challenges. Our team of experienced industry specialists are available to work with you in building business and financial solutions aligned to your goals, values and risk tolerance disposition. Our unique approach to delivering sustainable value to clients in capital raising, business restructuring, Balance Sheet management, project financing and other specialized financial services makes us an ideal partner in your journey to growth, expansion and competitive superiority.

Our clientele extends through the major sectors of the Nigerian economy, including:

In any industry our client plays, we provide Business Advisory services across four broad areas of value propositions.

FundQuest Academy

FundQuest Academy has been established to provide training and development programs to individuals and organizations to enhance their skills, knowledge, and their service delivery. This will ensure that trainees remain competitive in the marketplace.

Broad Offerings of the Academy:

FundQuest Academy will offer both technical and soft skills trainings across various modules including, but not limited to;

  1. Advanced Ms. Excel (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
  2. Financial Modelling & Valuation (Start-up & Existing Business Cases)
  3. Microsoft Power Point & Pitchbook (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
  4. Market/Economic Research & Interpretation
  5. Corporate Finance Fundamentals (Investment Banking Basics)
  6. Leadership & Public Speaking Fundamentals
  7. Data Analysis and Visualization (Power BI)

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