Investments: When a Job Fails, What Options Do You Have?

In the early days of Uber in Lagos, many people used the service to show class and “feel among”. Others liked the idea of not having to weave through traffic and get stressed out from driving on pothole-riddled roads. 

Cab hailing service became a whole new industry for Lagosians. Akeem had just lost his job as an accountant with GTB, and his car became his only source of livelihood. He put in a six-to-six shift five times a week, and within six months, he had enough to invest in a new car which he also enrolled as an Uber car under someone he trusted.

 Akeem was not married, and he was so shrewd that he moved back into his mother’s house. He packed his cars there and ate only twice a day. His mother saw what he was doing and all he was going through. She asked him what the plan was.

Akeem wanted investments in agriculture. He figured that the only way to meet up in the quickest possible time was to make some hard choices and sacrifices. His only means were his cars. He hoped that Jimoh, the young man he employed to ride his other car, would buy into his idea and protect his investment like it was his.

 Jimoh was grateful for the opportunity Akeem afforded him. He understood the ultimate goal. He hoped that the car he was driving would become his. Akeem’s mother said as much. She told him to treat the car as his investment.

 Owning a farm was Akeem’s dream, and he held on to it with every energy he could muster. The thought of ‘japa’ had crossed his mind on many occasions, but he dreaded the thoughts of leaving his mother alone in Nigeria. The cold weather in Canada would have been too much for her old bones.

 So the next best option was to own investments in Nigeria. Everything else from Fintech to oil and gas had been saturated. It was odd that agriculture was the one thing that had stuck with him since the idea of investment became his next best move.

 Grapefruits were in vogue for their exotic nature and their taste. Akeem was racing against time to establish his farm. His estimates say he will be ready in the middle of the coming year, and he did not want to exceed that time frame before he purchases his land in the outskirts of Ogun state.

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