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Whatever your financial goals might be as an individual or corporate investor, our tailored low-risk investment products have been designed to help you achieve those goals. Get started by selecting your desired investment product and earn guaranteed returns far superior to the market average.

Quest Duo

Are you a couple/intending couple/loyal partners/besties etc, Quest Duo provides you with the opportunity to invest jointly, capitalize on shared financial goals, and enhance your financial stability and growth as a unit.

In today’s economic landscape, there is the need to improve on better ways to meet up financial goals, and the importance of pooling resources for better returns on investment cannot be underestimated.

  • Minimum investment amount of N50,000 per subscription. No maximum amount.
  • Minimum tenor of 90 days, while the maximum is 365 days, renewable.
  • Suitable for Partners, Best-friends, Married Couples, Intending Couples.
  • No account maintenance fee, No SMS fee deductions, and liquidation before maturity date is subject to pre-liquidation fee charged on interest only.


Start your Joint Wealth Creation Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow this process:

  1. Download our Mobile App on Google Play or the App Store and set up your account in minutes. Alternatively, you can set up your account on FundQuest Online or by dialing *5078# on your mobile phone. Your Unique Account Number will be generated immediately
  2. Transfer funds to your Unique Account Number from any of your bank’s Mobile, Web, USSD Code, ATM or by adding your debit card to your account. Your Account with FundQuest will be credited immediately
  3. Choose the investment product you are interest in and how long you want to invest for. You may also send an email to instructing us to debit your account and set up your investment
  4. We will complete the setup of your investment immediately and automatically send you an Investment Certificate
  5. You will subsequently be able to track all your investments and returns. You will also be able to withdraw your returns and principal or reinvest them to keep growing your money

Just your BVN, Selfie/Picture, Government ID, and Utility Bill. You can scan the documents with your phone and upload to our Mobile App (both Android and iOS), Internet Banking, or send to us via email at

All our investment products are tailored to meet a specific goal:

If you’d like to regularly set aside money for the sole aim of growing your wealth or investment portfolio, the Fixed Investment Note is right for you. You can make additions to your investment at your own convenience while maintaining existing terms on your investment.

If you’re planning towards a project such as a car, house, education, rent, wedding, vacation or similar goals, the Target Investment Plan is a great option. You are allowed to set up a plan, which could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc., and make periodic contributions to your investment account in order to fulfil your pre-determined goal.

If you’re searching for a mid to long-term investment plan that pays high returns periodically and preserve your capital, the Platinum Note is perfect for you. You are certain of earning very strong returns consistently while enjoying the pleasure of investing.

If you’re searching for an investment product that can enforce savings discipline and guard against the temptation of depleting your investment, the Quest Vault is perfect in assisting you meet this goal. We will help you lock up the fund till its maturity, when you harvest both your investment and a good return.

If you’re searching for an investment product that can pay your interest upfront or immediately you invest, the Instant Value Note is a wise choice. We will credit your account immediately while you either withdraw or reinvest your return.

If you’re searching for a short-term investment product that pays you guaranteed returns periodically (monthly, quarterly, or such other frequencies), the Secured Income Plan is designed just for you.

You can start investing with a minimum of N50,000. You can then contribute any amount to your investment thereafter.

It depends on your choice of investment products. We calculate and accrue interest on your investment daily and will credit the interest to your account at the end of every month. Depending on choice of product and frequency of interest payment, we can pay your interest upfront, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at maturity of the investment.

Absolutely yes; whatever returns stated on your Investment Certificate or Advice are fixed and guaranteed.

FundQuest is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Funds saved with us are invested in credit creation and low-risk money market instruments. We also retain part of the funds in cash to enable us meet up with your withdrawal requests promptly and on demand. We carefully carry out due diligence and credibility profiling on all our investment partners, while we also maintain strong internal governance on the management of our investments.

All our digital channels (Mobile, Web, USSD) are very secure for you to transact. We deploy bank-grade encryption technology across all our online platforms, with your personal information encrypted and stored securely. We also do not hold card details; they are stored with our card payment partner, a PCI-DSS compliant payment processor. 

You can withdraw part of your investment or fully liquidate the investment anytime and without notice. Just send an email to or activate the withdrawal/liquidation form on your FundQuest Mobile, FundQuest Online or *5078#. We will process your withdrawal/liquidation instruction promptly and credit your account same day.

We do not charge any fee or penalty on your investment proceeds at maturity. But if you withdraw your investment before the stated maturity date, a certain percentage of your interest (which will be indicated on your Investment Certificate) will be withheld as penalty for pre-liquidating your investment. But note that under no circumstance will your principal investment be penalized.

Please, reach to us via email at or call 0700FUNDQUEST [0700 386 378 378] or +234 816 712 9770 (Mon – Fri from 9am-5pm) and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Unable to find a suitable product? You may wish to consider our Quest Suite of Savings/Investment bundles here or simply contact our Help Centre