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As an individual or business, you may need a car, home appliances, landed property, office equipment, furniture, generator or similar tangible assets. FundQuest is the place to be for you!

Our lease facility offers you the opportunity to enjoy immediate possession of any asset of your choice while you gradually pay for it with flexibility in agreed instalments over a pre-determined period.

This ensures that you enjoy the comfort of your choice asset with minimal pressure on both your present and future personal or business cash flows.



  • Account Opening Form (obtainable from FundQuest)
  • KYC documents as specified on the Account Opening Form;
  • Loan application letter including Board Resolution (under seal) where applicable;
  • Relevant documents regarding the lease application - Receipts, LPOs, Pro-forma Invoices, etc;
  • Corporate profile - including Name & Particulars of Directors and Senior Management or Curriculum Vitae of borrower;
  • Detailed Transaction Dynamics - purpose to which loan is to be deployed.
  • Audited account and bank statement (over the last six months);
  • Satisfactory Quality Assurance test on the asset;
  • Execution of Property Waiver (for non-moveable assets);
  • Payment of Advance Rental, Management, Insurance (if any), Legal (if any);
  • Satisfactory fulfilment of any other condition as may be stated on the Offer Letter.
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