Achieve Your Set Goals in Good Time

The decision to invest is not an easy one as it requires a lot of discipline, self-control and commitment. Once you have decided to adopt an investment strategy, you have crossed the hurdle limiting the achievement of your financial dreams.
The Drive is in the Goals set to be achieved.
Your investment goals represent what you plan to achieve and it starts by setting aside a proportion of your income periodically. Such investment targets must be REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE, and must be dependent on your Income and its frequency.

But irrespective of your investment goals, FundQuest TARGET ACCOUNT PLAN provides a great vehicle to maintain a sound investment discipline while chasing your financial goals. With the investment plan, you have the flexibility to start investing in little sum and your investment can be can be upgraded to higher yield plans any time with no penalty.

Therefore, set your financial goals and start investing towards them today. Ensure you have a clear investment objective in mind or possibly documented to enable you monitor your progress as you go along. In the words of Ralph Seger, “An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination”.

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