We will buy that Asset for you!

You no longer have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy that Car, Mobile Device, Electronics, School Bus, Medical Equipment, Industrial Machine, and such other durables. With our Lease Finance, we will buy the asset for you immediately while you pay for it gradually with ease. This is our own way of helping you say hello to a life of comfort and pleasure!

Solar / Inverter Funding

Fuel price is on the increase. PHCN/NEPA unit cost will also skyrocket anytime soon. What is the best decision to make to ensure you are never in the dark?

Get a more sustainable energy solution, while having a financial partner who will fund it.

At FundQuest, we are providing you with an innovative Solar/Inverter Energy Finance. It is designed to help you afford an alternative Power supply now, and spread your payment.

You don’t need to break your bank, to afford an alternative Power supply. 

  • Suitable for Individuals, Families, Business owners 
  • Qualified Assets are brand new solar or battery inverter systems and its installation.
  • Repayment period can be up to a maximum of 1-2 years depending on the acquired asset
  • Repayment can be made in equal instalments Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly as you may desire; while you already have the asset installed in your location.

Take control of your energy costs and join the growing movement towards renewable energy today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals in paid employment, businessmen/women, Corporate Institutions, and Non-Governmental Organisations. Individuals must have worked for at least, 6 months, while Non-Individuals must have been in operations for at least, one year.

Various assets and equipment, so long as it is a durable item. These range from motor Mobile Phone, Home Appliances, Motor Vehicles, Furnitures, Office Equipment, and Soecialized Assets such as Medical Equipment, Construction Equipment, Farm Machinery, etc.

The lease rentals are structured to suit the cashflow of the Lessee (user of the asset), who can choose any of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment frequencies. Any other payment frequency outside these is also possible but will be by special arrangement.

Lease tenor is typically from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the type/nature of the asset asset and the amount required

Advanced Rental is usually required to be paid by the Lessee to the Lessor, as a demonstration of capacity and commitment to the contract. The Advanced Rental is usually calculated as a percentage of the Cost of the Asset and the Lessor will be required to make this payment before the contract is validated.

The asset will be acquired in the name of FundQuest Financial Services Limited. But a transfer of ownership title to the Lessee will be processed upon the payment of the final instalment

No. The specifications of a leased asset can not be altered during the life of the lease.

Yes. All leased assets are insured under Comprehensive Insurance Cover with FundQuest noted as First Loss Payee.

Yes, but your employment income or business cashflow must be able to accommodate the increased instalment.

Certainly Yes. You will be required to send us a Pre-liquidation Notice. You will be able to save the interest that is yet to accrue as at the date of pre-liquidation

We will immediately commence the process for the transfer of ownership title to you. This process only takes a few days.

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