The Guardian’s Special Focus on Most Dependable, Value-Driven Credit and Loan firm in Nigeria

Why FundQuest remains value-driven, dependable credit and loan firm, by Akinjayeju

FundQuest is a CBN licensed financial institution that is currently in her 10th year of operation. We operate from Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos State and extend our services all around the country. I must say that it has been an extreme privilege for me to serve as the Managing Director/CEO of this great financial institution over the years, says Abiodun Akinjayeju.

Since inception, FundQuest has been operating within the mid-tier of the Nigerian financial system, offering Loans, Leases, Investments, Funds Management, and Financial Advisory Services to customers across all sectors of the economy. Our loan products have been centered around tailor made funding to registered Small and Medium Enterprises that have been in operation for at least one year. While our investment offering boasts of competitive interest rate with better returns on investment with greater flexibility for investors to access their funds than most of our competitors.

FundQuest has been a dependable organization (i.e. easily approachable) in this last decade, offering Funding and Financing Solutions which has added immense value to individual and MSME growth in Nigeria in a much differentiated FundQuest.  We also intend to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

2020 was a year that took the world by surprise with the global outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic shutting down world economy for months, and Nigeria was no exception. Whilst this period was filled with uncertainty, FundQuest was there in a measured and reassured way for our customers and provided our support during this turbulent period. Several clients were offered payment moratorium, interest rate concession, loan restructuring, reduced interest/charges on new loans, and free business advisory on how to navigate through the challenges associated with Covid-19. We also educated our clients on the need to have a realistic business-continuity plan and solid corporate governance structure in preparation for any future uncertainties.

Industries and businesses do come with their challenges, but the pertinent issues facing the financial services industry among others is ascertaining credit worthiness of clients with reliable adequate data. FundQuest has been able to work rigorously to a large extent through expertise within the organization in analysing their suitability in meeting the expectations of our clients despite the challenges on adequate data needed.

Apart from the varieties of products we offer to our clients, we also offer business advisory on how their businesses can grow in leaps, when and how funds can be secured and we take them by the hands to succeed in their businesses. We are intentional in doing these because granting credit to our client is not only our focus; giving business advises to help them grow makes us a better organization to partner with. This is an added value which sets us apart as an organisation.

Strategically, the Board of FundQuest has been able to bring in more investors to the organization as a result of our past performances which shows that we are forward-thinking in growing our business capital so that many more MSMEs and individuals would be reached and can partner with our services. This will also help to situate FundQuest as a key player in the credit space within the financial sector.

In conclusion, we at FundQuest ( can say that adding value to our clients and MSMEs in general has not been a fluke. In the recent rise of so many loan sharks and fraudulent institutions cashing out on the gullible masses, it has been a deliberate act for FundQuest both strategically and in terms of routine operations, to uphold our mandates of being the best at what we do and we have been at this for almost a decade and counting.

We also acknowledge that adding value flows both ways, that is why we ensure that adequate feedbacks from all quarters (Clients, Regulators, Stakeholders etc.) are taken into consideration in order to always be better and surpasses all expectations.

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