Why Should I Invest? The main reason is to build wealth

The recent takeover of Twitter came as a surprise to most observers. 

For casual observers, Elon Musk’s investment was seen as a victory for free speech more than anything else. But the truth is that nobody invests $44 billion of their money just to defend free speech. Buying Twitter was a well-thought-out move that gives Elon access to data and a worldwide market.

 That’s what investment is all about. It involves opportunity and requires you to think thoroughly about the opportunity. You then envision its pros and cons and invest when you have concluded on its merits or demerits.

 The easiest way to be an investor is to find trusted investment managers or professionals. They are versed and knowledgeable enough to sniff out investment opportunities anywhere, depending on their sphere of influence.

 You can invest in shares, stock, or properties, amongst other things. The twitter story is an interesting one. The outright purchase of the company yielded a windfall for shareholders and employees.

 A company’s growth is planned, and its employees work towards that growth over time. Growth enables the company to be financially stable.

 Financial growth increases profitability along with the value of its dividends. It’s how big companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Coca-cola became big. They were publicly built over time through the sale of shares.

Not every company is built in the hope of selling it off to Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. But every investment in every company is created towards making a profit. This profit is then attached to the shares.

 That is the essence of investment. The return on investment and the idea that money can work for you is just the whole point. This brings in extra income, and sometimes, the only source of income. There are different investment options available. From mutual funds to real estate, bonds, and many more.


Fundquest is an investment management company based in Lagos. We curate the best investment plan for you, and it doesn’t depend on your income level.

There is something for all comers. The important thing is that you get returns on your investment. A return which you can decide to re-invest with or simply take to the bank.

You can decide to buy shares from other companies. Not just in the hope of a takeover like in the case of Twitter, but with the idea that you can eventually become a majority shareholder. The chance of this happening is why we invest.

 The chance of leaving a legacy behind and leaving something for the next generation to build on is why we invest. Visit www.fundquestnigeria.com for more on our investment options.

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