Episode I: The Fine Boy

Dear diary,

I have a dilemma. I’m sorry, I know this is not how I should start with you today, but it has been on my mind all week. So please understand…

So, I have been thinking about money again, as usual. Who doesn’t? Infact, it is almost the only thing I think about these days. Afterall, it was the first point in my six-point 2020 plan (since I don’t do resolutions). But since I made that plan, only one has been achieved Mr. Diary, and it is you. Since then, I have just been writing and writing and writing. No boyfriend, no promotion, no savings, infact, no nothing. Phew! And March is beginning to stroll by again, just like his brothers January and February before him.

Anyway, before I forget, I have a dilemma dear diary, and as you are still my only boyfriend for now, I have come to you. You see I met a guy during the week, one very fine smooth-talking guy. We took the same bus from Ajah to Obalende on my way to work, and we started talking. He said his name was Olumide, a Yoruba Devil, imagine! Long story short, he collected my number, and gave me his. But when this fine boy did call dear diary, instead of wooing me, you know what he did? He kept on asking me to come and start savings and investments with his company. Haba! All I was hearing from fine boy was QuestMoney, QuestMoney, QuestMoney. Dear diary, if not for savings being a very key part of my 2020 plan, I would have deleted his numb… but errm, he’s a fine boy though, so maybe I wouldn’t. Anyways, what do I do diary? He did say we should find a day to meet, and he also mentioned other interesting things like a 10% interest rate, and that I can start with as little as N50k…

Dear diary, should I start saving now? Can I? I still haven’t gotten that promotion like I expected… But diary he is a fine boy, and even if he hasn’t said anything, he can still be a prospect… and that is my dilemma. Diary, it is late… my eyes are closing…

And Joy did ive me some money to hold last week o… I think I would just saaaaaaa…


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