Episode VI: The Matter

Dear diary,

I have a story to tell today, and my story is in two phases.

First of all, my week was good. It was taxing no doubt, but good nonetheless. I saw Olumide three times this week, despite the curfew, and mildly restricted movement. I also managed to fit in a few exercises at home during the week. I guess I’m becoming more disciplined, or perhaps I’m just trying to make up for not staying dedicated to the #fundquestwalkchallenge. Either way, it was a good and quiet week for me on the home front. However dear diary, work this week was a different ball game altogether. Thus begins the first phase of my story.

My colleague, Miriam and I were out on a work trip early this week to inspect the site of a building being constructed by one of our clients in the mainland part of Lagos. While there, I engaged with the foreman in charge and Miriam moved about, laptop in hand, inspecting parts of the building. Dear diary that was when it happened.
Apparently one of the wooden staircases in the building premises was yet to be completely constructed, but then Miriam didn’t know, and she was walking towards it. To prevent her from proceeding in that direction, one of the construction staff called out. Meanwhile, Miriam had her headphones on, and was so engrossed in a phone conversation. The construction staff made an attempt to step in front of her, acting as a barrier. However, in his attempt he lost his own footing and ended up falling over himself and Miriam in the process. Now we saw that the staff in question wanted to help, but in the process he ended up causing what he intended to prevent. Biggest issue was that Miriam’s laptop was now broken, and there was still work to be done. Who was to blame? Dear diary, instead of work, na #TheMatter we start to settle be that.
At the end of the day, it was Olumide (my very own Yoruba demon) that proposed a solution. As usual, it was another FundQuest product that saved the day. Apparently Miriam could get a new laptop on lease, while she slowly and comfortably pay the cost of the purchase over time with only a very moderate interest. She also got a new iPhone too. Trust me dear diary, I jumped on the train. Guess who is now the owner of a brand new Samsung A70? Yeah, yours truly!
Dear diary, this brings me to the second phase of my story. Friday noon at work, while Miriam and I were busy flaunting our gadgets, that is how David, one of our colleagues said he wanted to see o. Two seconds later, everything burst! Now Miriam’s iPhone has a screen problem. Dear diary, na #TheMatter wey we dey settle be that.

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