Episode VII: It Will Not End in Tears

Dear diary,

Today is democracy day, and I am excited.

It has been a slow week, especially at work, despite the fact that it was a four day week. If I did these diary sessions midweek dear diary, I wouldn’t have had anything for you this week. Luckily though, the weekend started on Thursday, and boy, do I have a story for you!
It was only last night, when the gist got to me. You see, I have this colleague at work, Miriam. Yeah, I told you about her last week. She was the one whose matter we couldn’t settle. About that matter, she did get a new phone. That however, is not the story today. Today is about how she made a bad investment decision.

So sometime early this year, Miriam had put some funds into a new investment company. She had told some of us about how profitable it was, and how they had promised her very high returns after six months. Truth be told diary, I was tempted at the time. Yours truly however, had decided not to invest. In truth, I really had no spare funds at the time.

Anyway, Miriam and I believe, a couple of her friends invested, and the wait began. Every new month they received an updated statement showing their funds with the firm, and every month they sang to our ears that we missed out on a gold mine. Fast-forward to Thursday dear diary, when funds were due for liquidation. Lo and behold, said firm had upped and vanished into thin air. Like they say these days dear diary, it ended in tears.
I bet now they waited and invested with FundQuest, just like me. I know my money is definitely safe, because I know FundQuest is a CBN licensed institution. It goes without saying that there is no way it ends in tears.
Dear diary, it is weekend and I am excited! Especially because this weekend is Olumide’s birthday
too! Don’t you worry diary, I will fill you in next week!

Happy Democracy day!


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