Episode IX

Dear Diary,

I have big news, very big news. Yours truly is single again…

Oh yes… that happened. Yeah, before your curiosity comes all dashing for me though, I’ll tell you everything, every single thing.

So, the new year started out quite promising for yours truly; I had all I needed, and a little bit of what I wanted too. A comfortable apartment; a great job I loved; a charming boyfriend… err, well let’s not call his name now for reasons you know already…; and a wonderful financial partner in Fund Quest. One could say year 2021 couldn’t have started better dear diary, or so I thought anyway. Until February the month of love came rolling by…

February brought with it the atmosphere of love; everywhere you turned there were cuddles, teddy bears, chocolates and red roses. Now I am not exactly a petty person dear diary, neither am I demanding but I am still a babe that needs TLC, you know Tender – Loving – Care.

On February 14th, the famed day of love, my doorbell rang, I certainly did expect more than I met with. I opened that door dear diary, and behold Olumide was standing there, smiling sheepishly, his arms spread in front of him holding nothing, expecting an embrace from “I don’t know who” definitely not me, the whole butterflies in my stomach died a sudden death. And then he was bold enough to say…

“Hello darling.”

Me: Ignores his outstretched hands and peers behind him

Olumide: Looks behind him to confirm what I am looking at, and sees nothing. Turns back to me confused, arms still held aloft. 

Me: Attempts to close the door again

Olumide: Ohhhhh.. I see now. He starts laughing. 

But babe, you specifically told me not to get you anything. Your exact words if I remembered was, “Valentine is overrated, and love should be celebrated every day.”

Me: Looks at him perplexed, And you believed me?

Oh well, long story short dear diary, men are scum. I broke up with him the next day, or so I think anyway, and though he has been sending me gifts every day since then sha, I still haven’t agreed to see him. Maybe I will in March, maybe not. As I said, I am not petty or demanding or anything o but Tender–Loving – Care is important. The man singing #LoriIro might be right after all. Maybe I am just Olumide’s tomato or rodo #LoriIro.

At least I got a text from FundQuest and a surprise gift on Valentine’s day though. Maybe I will make FundQuest my new boyfriend.

Anyways, yours truly is single again dear diary, and till next time, that’s the status quo. Meanwhile stay off men diary, because men are scum… I think…

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