Episode III (Coronavirus)

Dear Diary, I miss work!

I cannot believe that I could ever one day utter these words, but dear diary, I really do miss a lot about the office… the tables, the chairs, the people… sigh…

It has been a sad week diary, one that has been littered with unhappy news. First, the novel Coronavirus began to spread more seriously within the country than before, with new cases announced almost every other day. Putting on the television set has become a painful act, with news of people dying from the disease around the world, while here in Nigeria it seems to come closer and closer to me each day. I have never been so scared diary. But I still have Olumide to lighten my mood though, or so I thought…

Work has now been closed, as the state is now on lockdown. Everyone has been asked to stay indoors and avoid non-essential movement. My days are now extra long diary, and my nights have no end… In fact, I have been bored so silly that I have spent a whole day trying to figure out if going on a date constitutes essential movement or not… sigh.

The one good thing about this whole scenario diary, is that I get to chat more now with Olumide, even though a date is out of it for the time being. I have now learnt so much about him, as well as his FundQuest products (which he never stops yapping about by the way). I now know that apart from getting a salary advance loan for myself, I can also get a loan for my brother who is a contractor to service his purchase orders prior to payment, while my mum can get a working capital loan to expand her business.

Diary I think Olumide is a God sent. At least I’m now fairly sure that this whole Coronavirus wahala will not ruin my family financially. But then Diary, the disease has to go soon nonetheless. I honestly wish everyone could stay Indoors, wash or sanitize their hands regularly, and avoid touching their faces as much as possible. Sigh..

Gone are the days when you sneeze and they “bless you” for it… Now everyone simply run for their

dear life…

Oh dear diary… I miss work!

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